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Merlin Metrics - Proven Results in Web Analytics

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Merlin Metrics Highlights
  • Measure search engine PPC campaigns
  • Measure referral programs
  • Measure online banners
  • Measure print ad success
  • Get a daily pulse on your marketing initiatives
  • Get results you can go to the bank with!
Total Web Analytics... Period.

Product Features..

Develop your E-Marketing strategy with Merlin. Merlin On-line Metrics will provide your business with an easy-to-use, fully-hosted, web-based reporting platform for on-line (paid campaigns and Organic listings) and off-line advertising campaigns.

Merlin provides precise measurement of your advertising spend by allowing you a birds-eye view of what advertising campaigns your customers are responding to, and what channels deliver the most ROI.

Merlin's Product Features Include:
  • Measures all types of website conversions from reservations to product purchases to list-signups and more
  • Web-based application - accessible anywhere that you have web service
  • Allows you to monitor the quality of your PPC keywords
  • Provides insight into search behavior of buyers with search engine and keyword source reports
  • Combined with your reservation system or Action Application's Guestserve Reservations Tool - Merlin provides hotel confirmation numbers with actual revenue generated by all Campaigns (PPC/Banner Ads/Organic Search terms/Affiliate sites/On-line sponsorships/Email Marketing/Print Advertising)
  • Multiple domains/website aggregate data reporting
  • Simple, easy-to-read reporting
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly detailed reports
  • Date-range campaign against revenue breakdown
  • Seamless user-experience
  • No Special Training
  • No Commission Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Secure Storage of Data
  • Free Upgrades
  • No Software to Install
Measure all of your Website Conversions and take back control of your Marketing dollars with Merlin on-line Metrics!

Know your customer. Get more Marketing BANG for your buck.
Work Smarter. Spend Smarter.

Industry Fact #1

Marketing budgets are shifting from traditional media to online for better targeting, lower cost, and direct tracking of sales.
Industry Fact #2

Knowing where to allocate your marketing dollars is not just a luxury - it is a necessary edge on your competition.
We don't want to revolutionize the internet....
We just want to measure the value of your marketing campaigns.