That which gets Measured gets Managed... 
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Merlin Metrics Highlights
  • Measure search engine PPC campaigns
  • Measure referral programs
  • Measure online banners
  • Measure print ad success
  • Get a daily pulse on your marketing initiatives
  • Get results you can go to the bank with!
Total Web Analytics... Period.

Welcome To A New Tradition In Marketing...

Merlin Metrics is a hosted reporting and analysis solution that helps marketers and e-commerce webmasters to optimize online (and traditional) marketing initiatives resulting in increased sales and conversions.

Let Merlin Metrics show you who is buying your product or service... how they found you... and how much they have spent.

Ask Yourself...
  1. Do you know where your customers are coming from?
  2. Do you know which of your on-line or print ads send the most qualified traffic?
  3. Can you determine an accurate ROI for your Google or Yahoo pay-per-click campaigns?

If you don't have clear answers to these questions - take Action today!

Merlin Metrics will give you the power to set a budget that makes sense for your website/on-line business and the benchmark to compare against your Costs, Clicks and Conversions.

This innovative, low-cost solution is powerful and easy to use, accessible anywhere and will make sure that all of your marketing dollars are spent in the right places!

5 Compelling Reasons To Subscribe To Merlin Metrics:
  1. Simple easy-to-read reports provide a clear focus for marketing budgets
  2. Clear insight into qualified traffic
  3. Low cost with FREE upgrades
  4. No software to install
  5. Easy-to-use
Know your customer. Get more Marketing BANG for your buck.
Work Smarter. Spend Smarter.

Client Testimonial

Merlin is an essential tool for managing and measuring our hotel's marketing success. It tells us which campaigns actually produce results. Thanks to Merlin, we no longer waste dollars in the wrong areas. Now we know what campaigns actually drive revenue.

I cannot imagine functioning this effectively without Merlin.

- Louise B.
Director of Marketing
Marriott Hotel

Industry Expert

Larger firms are recognizing that the investment they made in creating - and then re-designing - their websites requires a means of measuring the return on that investment.

- Jim Sterne
Producer of the Emetrics Summit and President of the Web Analytics Association

We don't want to revolutionize the internet....
We just want to measure the value of your marketing campaigns.